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What we do?

What We Do

The All Investor Network (AIN) provides a marketing platform for the purchase of REO properties and property administration.
We will only market REO Properties that have clear title and the seller must provide title insurance and with all taxes paid.
Through our experiance, we came across many companies that market these properties with quit claim deeds and back taxes.  In many cases a quit claim deed isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.  It simply transfers whatever interest the grantor has in the property – if he has bad title, then that’s what you get.  So, the buyer must beware of these types of transactions as well as properties with back taxes.  In fact, one of our subscribers purchased properties for $10,000 each only to find out that the real estate taxes were over $7,000 and the property had been condemned!
Property administration is the key to your financial success when buying REO properties.  AIN has researched several of the companies that proclaim to administer these properties from afar, but nothing beats the company that utilizes local people in the area of the property.  More importantly, we found a company that actually gives a written guarantee on income performance.  National ERA Servicing, LLC will provide a written guarantee that if they don’t have the property under Contract for Deed within 90 days from the time you give it to them, then they will pay you $600 per month for 3 months to replace any income you would have received.  Once you give them a house to administer for you, they will work together with local property managers to find a buyer and put them under Contract for Deed.  Their purpose is to assist you to find an end user for an immediate sale or put the new buyer in the property under a Contract for Deed (CFD).
National ERA Servicing uses online property management software that allows you, the investor, to see your account online each month.  Net profits are automatically deposited into your bank account.
If that’s not enough, they offer a foreclosure/eviction guarantee.  That is, for an extra $35 per month, they will pay all the associated costs in the event the resident does not pay.
AIN has taken the mystery out of REO investing and only supports companies that have obtained consistent, reliable results.


Property ownership has long been a measure of personal wealth.  Typically, real estate has been the safest haven for investors, and home ownership is synonymous to the American Dream.  For many, this dream hs turned into a nightmare!  The current economic collapse, which is fueled by the housing downturn, has affected all of us in some way.  Jobs have been lost, businesses shut down, disposable income gone as we wait on the new inflation” as a result of the fiat money the Federal “Non-Reserve” is printing.
In the midst of chaos is always opportunity.  All Investor Network (AIN) has sought out the buyers of bulk real estate portfolios and a servicing company to provide investors with money making opportunities.
The real estate landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years and even though there will be plenty of losers, there will also be winners if you ACT NOW!
Our goal is to find inventory from credited REO bulk buyers that must provide title insurance, have no back real estate taxes, provisions for swap outs and performance-based income.
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Buying properties is easy, but you really make your money on the administration of your portfolio.
Over the years, we’ve observed many well-intentioned investors only to watch them lose their investment due to economic condition or bad property administration.
While there are others that offer to service properties throughout the country, only will give a guarantee on monthly income and a written foreclosure/eviction guarantee.
Each month AIN sponsors webinars and seminars to promote these opportunities for the small investors that are looking for a safe money haven.
While we cannot guarantee anyone’s success, we can guarantee that the market is changing and that there is plenty of opportunity for those who are ready to take action – now!


REO, or Real Estate Owned, is property that has reverted back to the ownership of the lending bank, typically through the foreclosure process.  This is problematic to banks because they are not in the business of owning houses, but rather of lending money.  The lender is tremendously impacted to lend money by carrying these liabilities on their balance sheets.  Consequently, they create bulk packages and heavily discount the price to move them fast.  This creates a dynamic opportunity for extraordinary profit potential through buying real estate for investment purposes.
It is a bank’s goal to dispose of REOs quickly and as profitably as possible.  In previous, more favorable economic environments, the system they employed often resulted in full payment of the underlying mortgage debt.  However, a staggered economy is now generating an avalanche of REOs that has overwhelmed the banking industry’s capability to dispose of them under the “old” system.  In view of the daunting task of selling hundreds of thousands of houses within a very short timeframe, the stage is set to buy these properties in bulk quantities for cents on the dollar.  Due to our familiarity with investors and real estate related companies nationwide, the All Investor Network is able  to find opportunities in the midst of these challenges.